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  • Jul 20, 2012
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How To Close Last-Minute Pre-Foreclosure Deals

By James J. Saccacio

Picture of Foreclosure SignIf you’re interested in investing in pre-foreclosure property, you should know that owners in default may not agree to sell until the last minute — sometimes only a few days before the public foreclosure auction. You’ll need to act quickly and may even need to take steps to postpone the auction if you want to realize pre-foreclosure bargains.

“I like to have the deal worked out with the homeowner at least 10 days prior to the auction. This allows enough time to settle on the pre-foreclosure without worrying if the foreclosing bank will postpone the auction and allow me enough time to settle,” said Lance Young, a real estate investor and author of several real estate investing eBooks.

Depending on state foreclosure laws, the pre-foreclosure period can last less than one month or more than one year. Owners in default often are more motivated to sell the closer it gets to the date of the public auction. So even if you’ve contacted owners early in the pre-foreclosure period, you shouldn’t be surprised if they wait until the last minute to sell the property.

Once the owners indicate they wish to sell, you’ll need to spring into action immediately to make sure that you are able to negotiate a price that’s acceptable to both parties, sign a sales contract and close the deal before the date of the public auction. Young recommends the following steps to get all this accomplished in as few as 10 days.

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